Behaviour rules for students


Novopecherska School library is an information center. The collection of fiction, popular science, reference literature and periodicals of our library has several thousand copies.

Comfortable computer and print-zones help students accomplish their training tasks. The computers in the library can be used during the lessons only for educational purposes and with the support of the teacher.

The mission of the library is to provide the educational process with all the necessary literature, to create a cozy atmosphere for students to work with the book, to encourage the reading of little and adult readers. For this purpose, various interesting activities are held at the library, such as the Library Day for primary school students, meetings with writers, quests, and language clubs for senior pupils. Students are fond of attending foreign language classes in the library, doing their homework and spending their free time.

The textbooks and books the student takes in the library is the property of the School and must be returned at the end of the school year.

Progressive discipline policy

The mission of Novopecherska School states that we develop moral and ethical spiritual qualities of the student and sense of understanding of others. Our vision implies that students must be organized, conscious, caring and responsible; they must respect the rights of others and contribute to the common good.

With this in mind, we have created a progressive discipline that reflects the mission and vision of Novopecherska School.

Of course,the conflict naturally takes place in any large group of people. And our goal is to teach how to resolve conflicts, using positive strategies to get winning results. It may happen that some students will find it difficult to comply with the requirements established in the common interest.

The school leadership is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules of conduct for students, and should have considerable discretion to meet the individual needs of students and make judgments in the context of specific circumstances. Consequences of non-compliance with the expected behavior may vary in each individual situation for each individual student.

In the case of slight or minor fault, the teaching staff of the School should help students to understand the misconduct of their actions and use such situations to teach children to find alternatives with positive outcomes.

In the case of improper conduct, disciplinary measures must be applied within the framework that shifts the focus from punishment to another, corrective and sympathetic ones. The school will use series of activities aimed at positive behavior enhancing and helping students determine the right choice.

The code of student behavior, rules and expectations are reviewed and reinforced on an ongoing basis by teachers, staff and management through general meetings, announcements, class attendance by the director, and day-to-day by teachers in the classroom.

Behaviour during lessons and breaks

Students should be attentive to classes during classes and not to interfere with others. Students can not refuse to perform the tasks that the teacher sets. For the effectiveness of the learning process and in order not to interrupt it, students must be in the classroom throughout the class. If there is an urgent need to quit, this can only be done with the permission of the teacher.

Students should be careful during breaks. It is not allowed to run during breaks, because such behavior can harm the student or his environment. Students must also move on the right side of the corridor or stairs.

Skipping classes

During absence in the School, the student can study remotely with the help of LMS.

When the student returns to the School after missing for 3 days or more due to the illness, you must necessarily provide the appropriate medical certificate with the doctor's seal, after which the student will be admitted to the classes.

If a student is unable to attend school on any day due to illness or for any other reason with the knowledge of parents, it is necessary to provide a corresponding application from the parents before the beginning of the school day.

Please pay attention to the fact that the learning process can not be entirely individual. For the full-fledged educational process of the 21st century, it is necessary to work in a group, to solve problems together and to cooperate.

In the case of 10 passes without a valid reason during the academic year, the issue may be submitted for consideration for deduction from the School.



Punctuality is an important feature that we cultivate in our students. We encourage students not to be late and count on the support of parents. According to the rules of the School, pupils are obliged to come to study and study during the day on time.

Each student must come to the School no later than 8:50, and at 9:00 should be in the classroom, fully prepared for the lessons. During breaks, students must arrange their work in order to attend classes on time.

School uniform

The school uniform is an integral part of the corporate culture of Novopecherska school students. In addition, this is also an aspect of education that trains the student to responsibility and compliance with established rules and standards.

The school uniform helps students to learn and concentrate on classes, supports positive social interaction among students, and fosters a sense of pride in their school.

Every student of Novopecherska school must come to school dressed in the school uniform and be dressed in it during the school day.

We give pupils the basic set of school uniforms: a jacket, a skirt (for girls) or trousers (for boys), a tie, a shirt, a polo and two sports t-shirts with no additional payment.

Dress code in  Novopecherska school

In Novopecherska school official-business dress code is established. Girls are advised to adhere to his requirements in hairstyling, make-up, and manicure, as well as jewelry. The height of heels should not exceed 5 cm.  It is advisable to avoid excessively vivid colors and bizarre shapes. You need to have a neat look.

Compulsory elements of school uniform:

  • Boys: a white or gray-blue monophonic shirt, corporate ties, trousers, jacket, or branded knitwear;
  • Girls: white or gray-blue monophonic blouse, skirt or trousers, napkin handkerchief, jacket or corporate jersey and at the beginning of autumn and at the end of spring - branded golf.

When the weather is warm (at the beginning of autumn and at the end of spring), girls and boys are allowed to wear a polo.

If a student comes to  School without a school uniform, we give a spare, which has to be returned in the next 24 hours in the same state.


During sports classes students of Novopecherska School must adhere to the following standard sport form:

  • A sports branded T-shirt or a grey T-shirt of another brand is a mandatory element of a sportswear.
  • The suit (shorts or trousers and raglan) should be of a gray color.
  • If you wish, you can buy a branded raglan sleeve.

A minimum set of items for swimming lessons:

  • swimming suit
  • swim cap
  • slippers
  • towel
  • washcloth
  • comb (for girls with long hair)
  • glasses (desirable)

For classes on sports electives, a child may need some additional items, for example, for roller skating:

  • rollers
  • knee and elbow protection
  • helmet

Additional school uniform:

Additional instances of the basic elements and additional elements of the school uniform can be purchased via reception.

Things that are not allowed in School

It is not allowed to bring dangerous things to the School: pyrotechnic products, sports gear, harmful substances, drinks and food not for personal use.

It is not allowed to bring junk food.

Sports gear (rollers, skates, etc.) can not be used on the School's territory. They must be locked in a student's personal locker.

Students are not allowed to order delivery at the School address and to bring their pets.

Personal gadgets

Students are responsible for storing their own mobile phones and other personal gadgets. They must be switched off, hidden and not used during the school day from 9:00 to 18:00.

If any person from the school staff sees a violation of the rule, the child must hand over the phone to the reception administrator before the end of the school day.

All necessary calls can be made by the child with the phone at the reception, at any time during the day. The student can also use his own cellphone at the reception, with permission and in the presence of the administrator.

We would like the adults who are in the School to be an example for the students.

Financial responsibility

Parents are financially responsible for damaging the School property by the child.

Students are responsible for maintaining their property. If a student has lost something of his own things, even valuable, the School does not bear responsibility, but often things can be found, and in this case they might be in the chests in the hall, and valuable things — by the security staff.


When joining Novopecherska school, pupils and parents agree to follow its rules and confirm the understanding of their importance. Both children and adults are responsible for their (non) adherence.

Minor violations

Minor violations are those that do not endanger life and health but have a negative effect on the atmosphere in the classroom: one-time violation of school rules, bullying, teasing, humiliation, ridicule, profanity, leanness, rude, aggressive behavior, disrespect, deception, falsification, plagiarism, deceptive behavior, resistance to teachers, misuse of electronics, computers, Internet, public demonstration of affection, rough play, neglect of pupil's duties, non-compliance with safety rules.

Possible consequences of minor violations

  • Teaching responsibility for their actions.
  • Teaching an alternative choice that will have positive results.
  • Writing a Think paper.
  • Timeout.
  • Educational conversation with a class teacher.
  • Writing an apology letter.
  • Redistribution of privileges.
  • Detention after classes.
  • Communication with parents by phone, correspondence or personal meeting.
  • Talk with a school psychologist.
  • Removal from the class (under adult supervision).
  • Meeting a student with a principal.

Significant violations

These include: Internet harassment, the threat to the School's information security and its information and communication system, continuous intimidation, the threat of physical violence, harm to others as a result of the fight, discrimination, racism, sexism, the threat of sexual violence, smoking, the presence or use of alcohol or drugs, theft, robbery, extortion, vandalism, threat of harm, possession of pornographic material, possession of weapons or a copy of weapons and other serious violations.

Possible consequences of significant offenses

  • Immediate personal meeting with parents.
  • Stacking a behavioral contract with a pupil.
  • Compensation for damage of the school property.
  • Deduction from Novopecherska school on a permanent basis.