High School

Preparation for adult life

  • educational approach is aimed at students mastering ХХI century skills;
  • teamwork;
  • creative projects;
  • Implementation of the program Leader in Me (leadership program "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" Stephen Covey, adapted to adolescence and school environment);
  • internship in leading Ukrainian and international companies;
  • excursions to the best Ukrainian universities and cooperation with them;
  • theoretical presentation of the material amplifies practical training;
  • use acquired knowledge in real life;
  • travel abroad for language practice and cultural exchange.


  • Physics and Mathematics;
  • Geography and Economics;
  • History, Ukrainian language and literature, Arts;
  • Chemistry and Biology.

External Independent Examination

  • We ensure full and thorough preparation for testing.
  • Teachers have extensive experience drafting tests, testing and training of students;
  • Profiling through training is much easier;
  • Students become familiar with the structure and requirements for testing.

Activity-based learning

  • Theoretical studies are supplemented by consolidating knowledge in practice.
  • Students learn how to use their knowledge in real life.
  • Obtaining IT expertise, each student has a personal tablet.
  • Education happens not only in the classroom but also in the virtual space.
  • Foreign languages are ​​taught by Ukrainian teachers and native speakers.
  • English is compulsory, and in addition to this, each student chooses a second language - German, French, Spanish or Chinese.

Top experts

  • Subjects are exciting, because each teacher is an expert who inspires students to work;
  • Novopecherska school's teachers are the winners of national and international contests of pedagogical skills;
  • Teachers willingly engage individually with students, and advise and train students for taking part in subject Olympiads.

Harmonious development

  • The important part of Novopecherska school's philosophy is harmonious and healthy development;
  • ​Whatever you do in your free time, in Novopecherska school you can keep doing this;
  • Lessons help to develop personal and professional skills;
  • There are plenty of creative studios: painting, theatre studio, robotics, etc.;
  • There are lots of sport activities: football, volleyball, basketball, petanque, swimming, gymnastics, dance;
  • In all sports and creative activities you will be accompanied by talented coaches who help not only in the development, but also inspire success.