Blended Program



Novopecherska School became the first school in Ukraine to receive a license to teach the Ukrainian-Manitoba Blended Program.


About the Program. Blended is the Program that lasts for four years (from grade 8 to grade 11) and includes compulsory subjects of Ukrainian and Manitoba programs, as well as basic subjects required for admission to higher education institutions. Manitoba High School Diploma credits are accepted by foreign higher education institutions without additional confirmation.

Novopecherska School offers both components of the Program (Ukrainian and Manitoba) for its students in grades 8-11, and a Manitoba component for students of other schools who study part-time. Enrolment in the program is separate from the main admission to the Novopecherska school.

Such integrated programs are implemented by the Department of Education of Manitoba (Canada) around the world together with local ministries of education for high school students. The formed cultural and national identity of the child at this age is stable enough to begin to assimilate the content of the Canadian environment without losing a native.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the Program?

  • the student must write an essay about the importance of studying the Program;
  • the academic level of knowledge must be at least 8 points (65% of knowledge in key subjects);
  • English must be graded at least 10 points.

Is it possible to study according to the Manitoba (Canadian) program, if I am not a student of Novopecherska School?

Yes, you can. We announce if there are places for students who study at other schools. It is required for students of other schools to learn the Ukrainian program on an external basis.


What is the language of the Program?

All Canadian lessons are taught exclusively in English.


Which countries accept the Manitoba High School Diploma?

Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. In a particular educational institution it is necessary to specify the requirements for which documents are accepted. For non-native English applicants, some institutions may ask for IELTS or TOEFL test results.


How do we choose teachers for the Blended Program?

Teachers are chosen according to qualification criteria in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian system. All teachers who teach the Manitoba program in Novopecherska School have a university degree and an international teacher's diploma.


How is knowledge assessed on the Blended Program?

Assessment is based on two principles: knowledge and skills, as well as their practical application in specific cases.


What subjects are taught in the Canadian program?

Examples of subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Canada in the Contemporary World, Reading and Thinking, Health, Physical Education, Career Development.


We will be happy to welcome you to the Program and to the Novopecherska family!