The optimal structure of the school day implies that after the academic part students have time to rest, as well as for electives.

During electives and optional courses, according to pedagogical recommendations, it is important to provide an entertaining format, a change in the type of activity after the school day. Electives are formed according to parents' comments, visit statistics and optimal load for children.



  • Club: Felting

Grades: 1-11 

Teacher: Olena Luhovska 

Wool felting — this is the manufacture of wool products and their compaction by means of joining and interweaving of wool threads with the help of a special needle or wet felting. These are pleasant sensations to the touch, bright colours and an impressive result! Felting develops fine motor skills, we learn to feel volume and shape, harmoniously combine colours.

In the classes, we will create toys, decorations and decor from wool.


  • Club: Art

Grades: 1-11 

Teacher: Dmytro Vavrovskyi

Does your child love and can she/he “feel” the colours? Light and shadow add volume and realism to any image, now you just need to learn to understand the techniques which help you to understand and answer the questions "why", "where" and "why exactly there". More shades = better painting. The human eye can distinguish more than 1 million colours. Try to feel them, and don't be afraid of making the first brush stroke. After all, the only difference between an artist and a non-artist is courage. The class begins with a conversation, interesting facts on the topic.

The teacher draws in front of the students on the blackboard or easel, step by step, explaining the laws and rules of fine art using the example of the given topic. The child draws, rests, and learns about new secrets and life hacks from drawing. As a result after each topic every student has a finished painting, obtains new skills and knowledge. 


  • Club: Pottery

Grades: 1-4 

Teacher: Aliona Snitko

Гончарство один з найкращих способів провести час з користю.Pottery is an interesting activity for both children and adults. This is an ancient craft that is relevant in the process of child development. Sculpting from clay develops fine motor skills, imagination, and memory. Clay products are beautiful, and the work process has a therapeutic effect, a person calms down, concentrates, and the nervous system relaxes. Pottery is one of the best ways to spend time with benefits.


  • Club: Theatre improvisation 

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Veronika Kharchenko

We get to know improvisation as the creation of a production at the moment of its performance. We develop attention, contact, perception, play improvised sketches and concentration games. We play to be better, easier, more fun!


  • Club: Paper Fantasy 

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Mariia Uiemova-Kosova 

The "Paper Fantasy" club is a magical place where elementary school children can play with paper and let their wildest fantasies out! Here, everyone will be able to create incredible crafts using the origami technique, magical appliqués and wonderful papier-mâché products. Thanks to this club, the children not only develop their creativity and imagination, but also learn new techniques for working with paper, which will be useful in the future. Join the "Paper Fantasy" group and give free rein to your imagination!


  • Club: BookArt

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Natalia Osmak 

BookART - BookART is an exciting story time combined with the creation of a creative piece that helps to understand the reading more deeply. Storytime is a joint reading of a book with the opportunity to ask questions, express your emotions, and share your own experiences and thoughts during the reading process. The production of a creative work piece based on the motives of books contributes to the creative understanding of the story, expands the possibilities of interpretation of what has been read, and provides an opportunity to create one's own continuation of the story.


  • Club: Story-telling 

Grades 1-4

Teacher : Kateryna Nizkodubova

In the storytelling club, we fantasise, dream and smile. Children learn to tell stories, create their own fairy tales, and every time they imagine themselves as the authors of fictional worlds. And we also create comics, play games, and change familiar texts. We enjoy the world of books.


  • Club: Take and make

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Aliona Diachuk

We take paper, glue, sequins, ribbons and other materials and make bright and unique pieces! 


  • Club: HandMade

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Tetiana Pasichna

Do you enjoy making unique things with your own hands? Then we are waiting for you at our “Handmade” club lessons. We will be delighted to do what you love in the creative and friendly surroundings. 


  • Club: Fashion Studio

Grades 1-4

Teacher: Tetiana Pasichna

Are you interested in the world of modern fashion? Do you dream of creating clothes, accessories or interior items according to your own design? Do you want to show off your work at a fashion show? "Fashion Studio" of the Novopecherska School is looking forward to seeing you!


  • Club: Piano

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Olha Solodovnikova 

Playing an instrument is not only the development of creative abilities, it is also the cultivation of discipline, will, and the development of communication. It has been proven that playing music develops mathematical abilities, understanding the hierarchy of music is faster than understanding a computer. Studying music develops hand-eye coordination and intellectual abilities. There are many benefits of playing the piano - it is good for our brain as well as mental and physical health, especially for children. Playing the piano can also be a good source of inspiration.


  • Club: Vocal

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Olha Solodovnikova 

Singing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. During singing, hormones of happiness are produced - endorphin, serotonin and dopamine - which improve mood and increase vitality on a physical level.

Singing heals the whole body. During vocal lessons, we use the whole body as a musical instrument: the respiratory system develops, the work of the heart improves, and blood pressure normalises. It has also been proven that people who regularly practise vocals catch colds and get sick less often, because singing improves immunity. Singing helps to express oneself more openly and reveals charisma. Vocal classes will be useful in correcting stuttering and other speech defects. Singing has a positive effect on memory, learning ability, fine motor skills, verbal-logical and non-verbal thinking, and also increases the overall productivity of the brain.


  • Club: Theatrical improvisation 

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Maksym Ocheretniuk 

Classes are held in a game form, where time passes very quickly.

The purpose of the classes is to unite students in a common hobby, expand the circle of communication, have the opportunity to express yourself, joke and laugh, train the flexibility of the brain to make decisions in the moment, speed up thinking, and generate new ideas.

After the class, the students leave cheerful, positive and with a sense of satisfaction that they have created something incredible.


  • Club: School band

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Mykyta Moskaliuk

School band is an opportunity for students to develop and enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments.


  • Club: Board games 

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Iryna Kalenska 

Board games help develop logic, thinking and social skills, including attention, cognition, association and memorization.

Board games are a proven and reliable way to teach young explorers interpersonal skills and entertain them without a TV, computer or tablet. 


  • Club: Board games

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Mykhailo Goncharenko 

This is a club for those who know how to play and want to learn. A group that trains the ability to speak, imagine, explain, count, think strategically and tactically.


  • Club: Smart conversations about everything in the world;

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Mykyta Moskaliuk

"Smart conversations about everything in the world" is a circle for discussions, mutual exchange of thoughts, impressions about a wide variety of things. From the poetry of modern Ukrainian authors to M&M's advertising, every topic is interesting if you think about it and it's interesting to talk about it.


  • Club: Literature club

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Anastasiia Lytvyn

A literary club is a place where anyone can share their thoughts about books or their own creativity and get feedback on it... Stop! This is all, of course, true, but... The literary club is, first of all, a centre of creative and thinking people who want to plunge headlong into the world of literature and find like-minded people - calm and eccentric, crazy and balanced, decadent and sunny-positive. Come and be a part of such a diverse summer process.


  • Club: Cookery

Grades 1-11 

Teacher: Viktoriia Batriuk

Cookery is considered a real art of cooking food, one of the oldest kinds of art. Psychologists claim that it is the taste quality of the food consumed by a person that can have a significant impact on his emotional state. Here, students will learn to cook a variety of dishes that will appeal to their taste.



  • Club: 3D pen

Grades 3-4 

Teacher: Oleksandr Parkhomenko

A 3D pen is not the most necessary thing for school, but it is definitely not superfluous. This is exactly the link that helps to see the direct connection between theoretical information on various subjects and objects of the real world, for the production of which this information is needed. And the opportunity to realise the result of your creativity is a great motivator.

In the classroom, students practise their skills on templates and silhouettes on laminated sheets. And then they fantasise, create and create their own works in 3D modelling using a great tool for this - a 3D pen!


  • Club: Technocardboard

Grades 3-4 

Teacher: Oleksandr Parkhomenko

Usually, after purchasing devices or goods, we throw away cardboard packaging, their purpose is fulfilled. At the Techno Cardboard circle, we create interesting, useful and beautiful products using cardboard itself. We take care of the preservation of the environment and give the opportunity even to the packaging to benefit us.

Club attendants will use their creativity, improve their skills in using various tools and devices in working with cardboard. Improve skills in creating cardboard products using various natural and artificial materials, be creative and skillfully create their own products.


  • Club: Modelling

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Oleksandr Parkhomenko

During labour training lessons in the school workshop, students acquire practical skills and skills in processing materials available at the school. During the Modeling class, children create their own projects, according to their wishes and author's approach. They also make gifts, souvenirs and presents for their classmates and, of course, for their family.

Club students use the opportunity to improve their skills in using various tools and devices, skills in processing various natural and artificial materials, with the desire to create and develop creativity and the ability to create their own products.


  • Club: Science and design

Grades 6-11 

Teacher: Svitlana Babii

Today, humanity is faced with many problematic questions and situations (the provision of sufficient water and food, resistance to antibiotics, the emergence of new diseases), the solution of which requires the use of science and technology. That is why the "Science and Design" circle is aimed at forming in students the ability to use educational achievements in various life situations and to solve personally and socially significant problems. That is, the formation of scientific research skills, design approaches and critical thinking. In the classes of the "Science and Design" group, students participate in the study of problematic problems, set up experiments, and perform individual projects (with possible further participation in competitions).


  • Club: Roboto Techniques 

Grades 5-6 

Teacher: Yevhenii Yakobchuk

In the classes, children get to know the basics of robotics. During the course, they learn to create autonomous robots, program sensors, motors and their interaction. Robots are constructed from LEGO Mindstorms EV3 sets, programmed in the EV3-G environment. The LEGO Mindstorms Education constructor allows you to learn a lot about robotics in the form of an educational game and develop the skills you will need in later life.


  • ІТ Club

Grades 9-11 

Teacher: Yevhenii Yakobchuk

The IT club is aimed at developing students' logical and creative thinking. The main goal: to give students theoretical knowledge, to form practical skills and skills of independent problem solving in various programming languages ​​using a personal computer, to form practical skills of working on a personal computer.



  • Club: Tourism

Grades 2-4 

Teacher: Oleksandr Kalinkin

The sports tourism club is aimed at acquiring skills, climbing on the school's modern climbing wall and acquiring the skills of moving through the "stone jungle" (parkour). Classes will help the child to find a way out in extreme situations, to become more resilient and coordinated.


  • Club: Basketball 

Grades 2-11 

Teacher: Larysa Yeshchenko

Basketball is a good opportunity to combine the development of various motor skills with the development of mental abilities. Namely: making quick decisions in tight deadlines. The ability to work in a team, combining both leadership qualities and respect for the opinion of others. Development of mutual understanding and mutual assistance.


  • Club: Wrestling

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Serhii Bobyliov

In training, we learn to fight, to compete, to go forward, not to retreat and not to give up. Gymnastics and acrobatic exercises are included in the classes. An important component of the club is the game: rugby and knockout.


  • Club: Table tennis

Grades 3-11 

Teacher: Serhii Bobyliov 

A club where children get to know the game, master the skills of handling a racket and a ball.

Group activity in the chosen sport involves learning the technique of the game, basic techniques, rules. Sharpening the educational practice of playing with each other and with the teacher.


  • Club: Moving Games

Grades 1-4 

Techer: Serhii Bobyliov

Movement games - extracurricular sports club.

The purpose of the course is to strengthen children's health, teach them basic motor actions, develop physical abilities, and foster self-motivation for a healthy lifestyle. The "Moving Games" educational program was created for elementary school students with the aim of increasing their level of physical fitness, taking into account the inclinations and needs of the pupils.


  • Club: Jazz funk

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Anna Kovalchuk

A strong, stylish, powerful and sensual dance genre. It combines elements of hip-hop. Anyone can dance in this style, the main thing is to have the right mood: a charge of optimism, cheerfulness and positivity. In the circle, I will help you to be more open and confident. This style is about freedom of movement and emotions. So join in, I look forward to dancing with everyone!


  • Club: Contemporary dances 

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Olha Tur

This group develops physical fitness and coordination. It also gives a charge of positivity and musicality.


  • Club: Hip hop

Grades 3-4 

Teacher: Olha Tur

A cool way to develop rhythm, flexibility and coordination.  


  • Club: Chess

Grades 1-11 

Teacher: Andrii Kolba

At the chess club, students study chess theory, solve problems, play training and tournament games. Thanks to this work, students develop a critical type of thinking that will help them in learning school subjects.


  • Club: Ballroom dancing 

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Vitalii Zahoruyko 

A circle of Latin American ballroom dances (cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, pasodoble, jive) and European (slow waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and quickstep).

You can choose a creative path or a sports one. Demonstration pf performances on stage (school events, concerts, etc.) Sports direction - participation in all-Ukrainian and international competitions.

You can combine these two ways, it will be more effective.

The group is conducted by the Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, Vitaly Zahoruyko. Silver medalist of the World Championship, winner of the European Championship, participant and choreographer of many television projects, concerts, clips of show business and film stars.


  • Club: Movement games 

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Liubov Melnyk

The purpose of this club is the physical and spiritual development of children and the formation of a conscious attitude to a healthy lifestyle. We work with a variety of sports equipment (fitball, trampoline, jump ropes, balls of various sizes, gymnastic rings and rope, and much more), we also hold various relay races, obstacle courses, and interesting moving games.


  • Club: Football

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Davyd Tadevosian

A football club is 40 minutes of teamwork for a common goal. My main goal as a coach in the circle is to show the best sides of this sport, to convey my own experience of the game, and also, which is one of the most important points, to do everything so that the children play with passion, with fire in their eyes, and transfer this fire to all their own endeavors


  • Club: Badminton

Grades 5-11 

Teacher: Liubov Melnyk

Badminton is a game that very quickly gets you excited and provides you with a good mood and well-being.

Badminton develops coordination, quick reaction, dexterity in movements, the ability to make instant decisions, physical endurance, the ability to compete and see a partner in sports.


  • Club: Rhythmic gymnastics

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Tetiana Letucha

Rhythmic gymnastics is a combination of dance, plastic movements, flexibility, jumps and other elements accompanied by music. The most important component of rhythmic gymnastics is grace and aesthetics, so this sport can be confidently called an art.


  • Club: Cheerleading 

Grades 1-4 

Teacher: Tetiana Letucha 

Cheerleading is a sport that combines elements of shows and spectacular sports, namely: dancing, gymnastics, acrobatics.