The optimal structure of the school day implies that after the academic part students have time to rest, as well as for electives.

During electives and optional courses, according to pedagogical recommendations, it is important to provide an entertaining format, a change in the type of activity after the school day. Electives are formed according to parents' comments, visit statistics and optimal load for children.

Creative electives


A wonderful way to educate children in a sense of beauty, because only here from the usual thread you can make a masterpiece, but not only from the thread, but also from everything that will fall into the hands. Classes develop creative imagination, child's potential, motor skills, attentiveness, diligence, accuracy and artistic taste.


Teaching pottery and art of ceramics. These classes stimulate the development of motor skills, reveal creative abilities, reassure, and can also become a favorite hobby. The artistic products that a child will create during the classes can decorate home and give joy.


Studying the history of arts, familiarizing with the work and life of famous artists contributes to the development of erudition and shapes the artistic taste. Classroom activities develop a sense of color and composition in the arts, as well as creative thinking and creativity. In the study of various creative techniques and techniques of painting in the child develops imaginative thinking and imagination. At classes students will create paintings, which will later be able to decorate famous exhibitions and galleries.

Theatrical Studio

Exercises and classes on acting, performing arts, rhetoric, and speech technology develop sociability and facilitate the psychophysical liberation of personality. Classes are interesting and fun. Students develop a plan of action for the production of musicals and dramatic performances on the works that they hold at the lessons of literature, Ukrainian and foreign languages.


The course of the vocal-choreographic elective is aimed at the development of singing breath, the expansion of the range of voice, the formation of skills of the singing setting, the versatile development of vocal and choral hearing, the formation of musical memory, singing expressiveness, harmonious, balanced singing in the ensemble, independent music playing and performing rhythmic movements to music, because choreographic performance is an integral part of vocal performances. An important place has the participation of the vocal ensemble in all-Ukrainian and international competitions, festivals and concerts.


Cooking is considered a real art, one of the most ancient. Psychologists say that the tasteful quality of food consumed by a person can have a significant effect on his/her emotional state. Here, students will learn how to cook different dishes that they like.

Salty Dough

Dough is an amazing flexible material for modeling different shapes and compositions, tender and soft. Children love to sculpt, and at the same time it is very useful for them to develop fine motor skills. The dough consists of edible products, which makes molding absolutely safe for any age.


Explorer’s School

Science is not only formulas and laws, but also exciting experiments and unexpected discoveries. That is how students, who visit this elective, will be perceiving science. Knowing the world, the child has the opportunity not only to see important phenomena, but also to understand how and why they exist. During classes students can simulate natural phenomena (create hoarfrost, fog, lightning, explosions, etc.), share their skills and just have time to spend with friends.


The elective teaches Lego designing, making and programming of robots. During classes children learn the basics of physics and programming, because they learn how engines work, and program robots themselves.


During the studies students will learn the world of technology: they acquire graphic literacy, learn to work with a variety of materials and tools, make toys, models of machines and mechanisms. Classes develop design abilities, spatial and logical thinking, imagination, fantasy, forming a steady interest in technical creativity.

Technical Modeling

The program of the elective is aimed at forming the system thinking in students, the ability to see the connection of technical creativity with the subjects of school curriculum: mathematics, science, physics, history. Important role is given to graphic preparation, formation of language culture of students, assimilation of technical terminology, conducting experiments and solving creative problems. Each lesson includes theoretical material and practical work. The program consists of variability of technologies, methods, forms of training.

3D Masters

The 3D Masters course is designed to study the possibilities of 3D design and teaches the design of a product from a spatial model to its own production using a 3D pen and a 3D printer.

Techno Cardboard

Children learn basic knowledge of paper work, learn to use tools in practice, work with different types of paper, use different techniques for processing, read simple technical drawings and diagrams, and produce the simplest paper products according to patterns and schemes, with a certain sequence of actions and economical and rational consumption of materials.

Sports Electives


The most popular sports game in which almost all children can play. Our trainer will help to improve these skills, maintain team spirit and inspire victory.


The game of chess develops logical, analytical and strategic thinking, as well as facilitates the study of scientific disciplines.


Swimming activities are a great workout for the whole body. At classes in the elective children learn to be confident in the water, study and improve the techniques of all types of swimming, tightening the character and the desire to win. Children get emotional discharge, become calmer and more balanced. Swimming develops back muscles and makes hands stronger. Sports swimming involves the organization of competitions both on the basis of school and the opportunity to take part in external competitions.

Jazz Funk

The world of modern choreography is very diverse and combines many kinds of dance. At classes students learn such styles as jazz funk, dance hall, vogue. Modern dance contributes to the disclosure of personality, gaining inner freedom, develops artistry, creative intuition and emotionality, strengthens the body, shapes figure.


Hip-hop is one of the types of modern street choreography. This style is very active, vibrant and dynamic. Students will learn to move, to feel music and rhythm. Choreography also develops artistry, creative intuition and emotionality, strengthens the body, shapes figure.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is a modern dance direction, merging many different techniques and styles. Students will get acquainted with the basics of classical dance and modern art. A characteristic feature of the Contemporary is the alternation of tight stretched muscles and unexpected relaxation, sudden stops (often on straight legs), falling and lifting, balancing. This program is aimed at the child being able to express not only the mood, but also the internal qualities of the personality, features of the character.


With the help of rhythmic gymnastics, the child learns to keep him- or herself in shape, and also develops love for sport. Artistic gymnastics develops flexibility, body plastic, coordination of movements, discipline and purposefulness of the child. System sessions under the guidance of a professional trainer promote the general physical development of the child and help children to adapt as quickly as possible.

Extreme Tourism

The course of extreme tourism is aimed at gaining skills in sport orienteering, rock climbing on the modern climbing wall and acquisition of skills for moving along the "stone jungle" (parkour). The philosophy of the young tracer - there are no borders, there are only obstacles. Classes will help the child find a way out of extreme situations.


The school of classical judo offers to start the path to knowing oneself and the world, hidden in sports and judo art. The young judoist masters the skills of falling, acrobatic technique, grip and control, throws on the spot and in motion, active interaction with the partner. Classes in martial arts require strict discipline and attention. At a certain stage, the student makes exams: a course for preparing a judo-beginner, then — in accordance with the classification of student grades. Subject to a certain level of training, students may take part in competitions at school, city, and all-Ukrainian levels, and obtain sports grades, norms of the candidate for the master of sports (CMS) and the master of sports (MS).


Basketball is a team game: this type of workout is great for both active and shy children, will help find a common language with classmates and be more open. As in other team games, there is always a lot of movement, communication and fun.


Volleyball is a game that unites, develops team spirit and strengthens health. It also contributes to the development of leadership qualities that will help in everyday life. The purpose of the classes is to master the technical elements of volleyball and the development of motor qualities.

Active Games

Active games improve the emotional state of children, reveal the positive aspects of competitive activity. The purpose of the classes is the development of motor qualities through the game.


Business Education

Students will learn about the current state of the economy, aspects of economic relations, creative industries, peculiarities and bases of entrepreneurial activity (such as writing a business plan, creating a product, searching for consumers, advertising, marketing, etc.), try their strength as a businessman or businesswoman. We use here the method of brainstorming, the case method, storytelling, communication with experts.

English Minds

At the lessons of this elective students play and study simultaneously in English. They watch cartoons, sing, read interesting books, develop projects, and so on.

Ecological Elective «Eco-Terra»

Nature is a powerful source of knowledge, which reveals its secrets through communication and makes people more sensitive to the surrounding world. At the lessons of this elective, children will learn more about nature and their place in it. The elective forms conscious environmental motivation, skills and behavior patterns that are safe for the environment and health, aimed at implementing the principles of sustainable development.


This elective helps children learn the basics of oratory based on special phonetic exercises, prepares them for performances in accordance with the genre and purpose, teaches to see, feel and hold the audience, work on speech expressiveness.

Curiosities of History

This elective is aimed at understanding the present through the analysis of the past. Its tools are historical research, work with primary sources, the correct use of online resources on history and a critical analysis of historical videos. At these classes students also visit museums, historical and cultural monuments.

Magic World of Board Games

In order to achieve better learning results, it is necessary to maintain a balance between work and leisure. Games like Evolution, Dungeons and Dragons, Photosynthesis, Little Prince, and Civilization help develop fantasy, learn to set up causative relationships, learn something new and interesting while playing.