First grade

Dear parents, if you would like your child to study at Novopecherska school, there are the following steps to be taken:

  • fill in the enrollment form
  • visit the Open House Day. We will send you an invitation;
  • take part in the enrollment competition.

Interview’s main goal is to find out if the child is ready for learning and if Novopecherska school meets the parents’ expectations. During the entrance campaign we have to be sure, that Novopecherska school suits your child and has common values with your family.

Enrollment examinations

Game in mini-group

Expert psychologist observe children playing in a mini-group (3-4 children), to evaluate the communication and social skills, the development of emotional and volitional.

Interview with a child

During the interview with the child communicate educators and psychologists who assess the readiness of the child to education on the following criteria:

  • psycho-physiological level of child development (fine motor skills, language development);
  • cognitive processes (general awareness of the environment, especially the thought processes, the state of attention, memory, imagination);
  • psycho-emotional state of the child;
  • motivation to learn;
  • knowledge and academic skills (familiarity with letters, numbers);
  • Ukrainian language.

Communication with parents

Along with the interview with the child with both parents will communicate a representative of the school administration, because we believe parents active participants in the educational process and take to school not only the child of her academic achievements, but also the entire family with its values ​​and principles. That is why the presence of both parents (if the full family) are mandatory.

Duration of the entrance examination - to 1 hour.

Enrollment to Novopecherska School

Following the announcement of positive results of entrance examinations Novopecherska school to parents or guardians within 2 weeks must confirm their intention that the study by contract to study.

At the time of signing the contract must provide the following:

A statement from a parent (provided at the office with a contract);
Photocopy of birth certificate of the child. You must provide Ukrainian certificate or notarized Ukrainian translation;
Copy of passport (1, 2 pages and pages of registration) and identification code of the parent who signs a contract.
After signing the agreement, by September 1 must provide the following:

A photocopy of the child's immunization card (Form F063). You can get in the clinic or your pediatrician;
Medical health certificate and the child's readiness for school with the definition of health (Form F086). You can contact your pediatrician.