Educational approach

Grade rotation

Mission and Vision of Novopecherska school help our students master the skills of the 21st century and prepare them to success in a modern globalized world.

Grade blending teaches how to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes. Work in different groups teaches to understand and accept the differences of others.

The ability to adapt to changes enhances the ability of students to think reflexively, change their activities and solve problems easily.

In general, people feel more comfortable when they are in usual environment, but in order to succeed and gain new opportunities in a constantly changing globalized world, students have to acquire new thinking skills.

According to the Canadian educational system, each school year we group students in grades in a new way. Grades are formed according to the following criteria: the number of girls and boys, the combination of students with different academic levels and different types of social and emotional behavior. Class teachers and assistants change every year too.

During the school year there is a rotation inside the grades. Students are grouped together in groups of 4 students to work together on class assignments. The groups vary monthly.

Educatonal profiles

Novopecherska school, relying on new law "On education", has introduced the educational profiles for the pupils of 10-11 grades that provide profound study of certain disciplines.

For students of the 10th grade we offer four areas of profile training to choose from:

  • Physics and mathematics;
  • Geography and economics;
  • History, Ukrainian language and literature, arts;
  • Chemistry and biology.

All students, regardless of the chosen course, have the same training in Ukrainian language and literature, English and the second foreign language. In the 11th form, children will be offered additional classes for preparing for EIT in non-core subjects. The choice is directly taken into account in project and extra-curricular work. This allows develop the curiosity for the chosen profile.

Foreign language teaching


English as the first foreign language for all pupils of grades 1-11 in Novopecherska school is taught by two teachers — a native speaker and a Ukrainian-speaking teacher.

English-speaking teachers from Canada, USA and UK create appropriate language learning practices during the classes. All native speakers are qualified teachers of their languages and pass an expert selection. Their lessons are in the form of debates and discussions that promote the development of communication skills.

Lessons from Ukrainian-speaking teachers develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in interactive exercises, projects, presentations, and creative writing. Attention is being paid to monitoring students' knowledge and progress in the study of foreign languages. Students are tested at the beginning and at the end of the school year.

The information technologies are used widely during the lessons.

Primary school:

  • 4 hours a week — lessons with Ukrainian-speaking teacher, grade is divided into two groups;
  • 3 hours a week — English native speaker, for the whole class. The teacher works on Project Work and Reading Skills programs.

Secondary and high school:

  • 3 hours a week — lessons with Ukrainian-speaking teacher, grade is divided into two groups. Pupils in grades 8-11 receive additional tasks and information resources for the preparation of competitions and competitions in foreign languages, senior school students perform tasks in the form of preparation for the STA and the foreign language teaching staff, participating in the trial tests that are carried out at the school.
  • 3 hours a week — English native speaker, for the whole class. Teachers work on the Conflict Resolution, Language Practice and Specialization Classes (History, Physics, Geography or Informatics) programs in English (History in English / Physics in English / Geography in English / IT in English).

In case of absence of a student, attendance of additional foreign language courses may be necessary. Students can register for a foreign language teacher's consultation and receive information on a missed topic.

Second foreign language

The School offers students to choose a second foreign language which they want to learn: French, Spanish, German or Chinese. It is taught in a cooperation with Ukrainian-speaking teachers.
The experience of leading world methods in teaching foreign languages ​​proves that it is possible to simultaneously master two foreign languages ​​in a qualitative way. The study of a third foreign language promotes personal development, but we can not advise you to study three languages ​​simultaneously.

Individual lessons with teachers

Each secondary and high school teacher has a consultation schedule. Students can apply for help in homework, as well as in preparation for an olympiad or for more in-depth study of the discipline.

If your child wants to receive advanced training and deepen is/her knowledge of certain subjects, we offer additional classes with other teachers at weekends.

Please note that our teachers are forbidden to have private lessons with students on a commercial basis.

Career guidance

Novopecherska school introduces a program of professional orientation from the 8th grade. One of the important functions of the School is to provide students with understanding of their strengths, as well as to promote conscious choice of higher education.

  • The Day of the Shadow Project: In the 8th grade, students come to work with their parents and watch over their work during one day, they deepen into details and find out what their parents are doing at work.
  • Professional Guidance Test Magellano: In the 9th grade students are undergoing one of the best tests in Europe to determine their inclinations and professional interests. This testing can be repeated.
  • Internship: in grades 9-10, students are enrolled in internships at leading Ukrainian and international companies in the chosen direction.

Through these events, students understand better their further professional interests and begin to choose a University and plan their preparation process to enter it.
As a part of our career guidance projects, we are happy to turn to our parents as partners and we will be very grateful for the help in providing places for internships for senior pupils.

The exemption from physical education lessons

The School's priority is the health of students. Sports lessons at the School are very flexible and take into account the peculiarities of each child, so students who are exempt from the lessons can also carry out the minimum load (light weight, walking, etc.). Releasing a child from a physical education course means a restriction or exemption from the load, determined by the state of health of the student. All decisions to restrict the load are taken by the medical officer of the School. The presence of a child in a lesson in a sporting form is compulsory if the medical officer of the school does not provide other recommendations.

Of course, we monitor the feelings of children during the class and we can adjust the load depending on their state of health.

Most of the lessons of sport take place on the street, if weather conditions allow (no rain, snow, etc.).

Blended Program

Since the foundation of the School, we have been working to create a program that integrates children into a world-wide educational system and prepares to become citizens of the world, people with a global mindset. For this purpose, it's important to get an education that meets world standards, but to keep an identity and remember about Ukrainian heart.

Since September 2018, we have started Blended Program for 4 years, which gaves the opportunity to gain Manitoba High School Diploma. In spring 2019 the Manitoba government signed the memorandum of understanding with Novopecherska School: the license obtaining process ended, and Novopecherska became the first school in Ukraine, that offers this opportunity. The program can be joined by students of 8 grade.

At present, the certificate of any Ukrainian school provides access to foreign higher education institutions, but to confirm the knowledge of the subjects you need to learn the Manitoba program and make additional licensed exams. Credits obtained at the end of the program licensed by the Manitoba Ministry of Education (which is also the Ukrainian-Canadian Blended Program of Novopecherska School) are credited to foreign higher education institutions without further confirmation.

In our opinion, the main advantage of the certificate of the Blended Program is that children, having mastered the Ukrainian component of the program, will form a civil identity and, having received education in any institution of the world, will develop Ukrainian society.

Support class for children with special educational needs

In the 2018/2019 academic year, we have opened our first class of support for children of 6-9 years old with special educational needs. The inclusive program is designed for a full day (9: 00-18: 00), during which an individual learning will be organized for each child, according to his/her own needs and opportunities:

- in the main class with other children;
- in a small group;
- individually.

For each student of this class, our specialists develop an individual training and development program. Experienced teachers and assistants work with the class.

The work in the class of support is a positive experience for all participants in the educational process: such cooperation will help everyone to understand how diverse is the world and the people in it, and we all have equal rights and opportunities.