We are ready to cooperate and encourage parents participation in a school life, and your thoughts are always important to us. 

If your question concerns a teacher, you can write to his working e-mail If you need to meet with teacher face to face, you can arrange a convenient time by e-mail.

Please pay attention that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the educational process, the teacher must be with the children during the school day. Meetings can be arranged after the end of the educational process — after 16:00.

Most of the necessary organizational information can be obtained by contacting reception administrators (+38 (050) 193-93-93, +38 (044-359-07-50). For all issues that are not relevant to the class teacher, you can write to e-mail, and your request will be processed within two business days.

If you need to meet with the administration representative, make sure that you have already discussed everything with a class teacher. If there is a real need to meet, you can contact the reception and indicate the topic of communication. Administrators will help you identify who it is better to contact you with and appoint a meeting.

Dear parents, we ask you to pay attention to the fact that the part of the School intended for your staying is the first floor hall. The other rooms of the School are for studying, so only pupils and teachers can be there, because the learning process requires special discipline and concentration. The beginning of the school day is a time when children and teachers communicate in an informal setting, emotionally tuned for the day. They go together to the School unaccompanied by parents, the children undress and prepare for the lesson themselves. Elementary school teachers are always nearby and help if needed, but every day we are glad to see children become more independent and responsible. These qualities, according to the results of world research, are directly related to the internal motivation and the desire to move towards the goal.

School Administration

If you have questions about a particular subject or teacher, you can decide it directly with the teacher. To do this, you can contact the reception administrator to appoint a meeting .

If you need to talk to a representative of the administration, you can contact the reception administrator and appoint a meeting.

of Novopecherska School


General Educational Process of the School, academic and methodical issues, mission and vision
Head of Primary school Maryna Prystinska Organization of educational process in primary school and preschool grades
Head of Secondary school Polina Komarova Organization of educational process in secondary school
Head of High school

Robert Bend

Ihor Khvorostiany

Organization of educational process in high school, organization of Blended Program
Head of foreign languages department Valeria Arefieva Teaching of Foreign Languages, International Integration and Participation of Children in International Projects
Head of Sport Department Serhii Chesheiko Organization of sports lessons and physical education
Psychologist Iryna Sitkariova Psychological support and increasing the effectiveness of the pedagogical process


Parents' meetings

Parents' meetings in Novopecherska school are held three times a year:

In September: an introductory meeting (Curriculum Night)

Purpose of this meeting is:

  • to inform you about the curriculum for each subject;
  • to familiarize you with the methodics of each teacher;
  • to provide an explanation of the Leader in Me program;
  • to demonstrate educational and creative aptitudes of students;
  • to answer your questions on these topics.

This meeting is common for all parents and is not intended to individually discuss the success or behavior of children. If you have a need for an individual meeting, you can arrange a meeting with a teacher by writing a letter to him/her personally.

In November and April: Parents’ Meetings on academic progress.

At the end of the academic quarter, you will receive a certificate of child's progress, in which there is information about his/her educational achievements from each subject, the dynamics of development, the formation of educational and communicative skills, behavior, as well as the recommendations of teachers and tutors. If you have questions after reading the certificate, you can attend Parents’ meeting. Meetings take place in a format of 10-minute interviews with teachers on pre-registration.

Information about students

Please make sure all information about you and your child provided to the School is up to date.

For security reasons School needs to provide correct contact numbers in case of emergency: Email addresses, phone numbers and home address. If these numbers or addresses change, please promptly inform reception administrators to update the relevant data (+38 (050) 193-93-93).

The School policy implies the non-disclosure of information relating to students. In case of problems related to the issue of deprivation of parental rights, the relevant legal documents must be provided to the School, otherwise, it is assumed that both parents have equal access.


All information about school life is received by parents on their personal mailbox Please monitor the School mailings. Sometimes we need your answer: to fill out a questionnaire or visit the School.


We send the most important information to parents in SMS messages. We ask you to update the phone numbers in time so that we can promptly send the latest school news.