ICT (Information and communication technologies)

Inbox (unified school systems access)

All our students and their parents get their own mailbox in accordance with the corporate standard "name.surname@novoshkola.com.ua". We send all messages, announcements and mailings to students on their corporate emails. Students also use these mailboxes to communicate with teachers about learning tasks, file sharing, links, and more.

Access to the single information space of the Novopecherska School, to the SMLS system and all our resources is possible only from the corporate e-mail box.

Students who start studying at the Schooll receive a login and password in early September.

Restoration of the login and password is possible on the School's website (the upper right corner, the button "forgot password").


SMLS (Learning Management System)

All pupils, their parents and all the staff of the School have their own account in the SMLS system, login to which is possible through the mailbox @novoshkola.com.ua.

Students can get their logins and passwords from their teachers. If a student loses his login and / or password, he/she should address to a class teacher.

If parents lose their login and / or password, they can restore it on the site (in the upper right corner, the "Forgot password" button).

Depending on the role (students, parents, teachers, administration), everyone can get some information. Parents can see the current schedule of their child's lessons, his/her success, and look through  the menu in the dining room. In their own cabinet, parents can view their child's rating. Please note that we measure the achievements of your child only and visualize them in a way that is convenient for you,  so you can see the overall dynamics of your child's development.

If you have questions, you can always use the feedback form in your account.



All new pupils of the Novopecherska school get a tablet for use. 

The tablet is the property of Novopecherska school and is given to the student's parents for use. Responsibility for preserving the tablet lies with the student, material liability — on the parents.

The tablet is an integral part of the learning process, so students need to have a charged tablet for the classes.

Students and their parents are not allowed to make changes to the tablet, make adjustments, install software on their own. Parents are not recommended to use the tablet for their own purposes.

In case of improper work or damage to the tablet, the student should give it to his class teacher who passes it on to the diagnosis of the IT department of the School. If the diagnosis reveals mechanical damage, the parents repair it themselves. If the tablet is lost or repair is not possible, parents must compensate for the cost or buy a similar or better technical model with the same operating system installed. It must be delivered in packed form to the IT department of the School for reconfiguration.