In Novopecherska school pupils receive two-time mandatory meals: brunch (second breakfast) and lunch. Breakfast and lunch are also available on request.

One of the important principles of Novopecherska school is the healthy nutrition of all students. We work on a balanced basis every day the diet of schoolchildren, using only the finest fresh organic products.

During lunch, students always have a choice, because we are preparing various types of salads, soups, side dishes (one of which is always vegetable), fish and meat dishes. A student with any features and diet can always choose something for him/herself.

The menu for each day can be viewed in School today.


Meals schedule

Breakfast — 8:30-8:50

Brunch — 9:40 (primary school) / 10:40 (secondary and high school)

Lunch — 12:00 - 14:00 (according to schedule)

Tea-time — 15:30 - 17:15


Additional meals

If desired, you can order additional meals for your child: breakfast is at 8:30 and tea-time at 15:30-17:30.

Additional meals have to be prepayed. For up-to-date bills please contact the reception.

It is necessary to pay for additional meals no later than the 25th day of the month preceding the month in which meals should be provided to your child. For example, September must be paid by August 25.

Lists of children who will be provided with additional meals will be formed at the end of each month for the following month. If payment for additional meals will be made later than the 25th, we may not receive payment details and no extra food will be provided.

Return of pre-paid funds is possible only in the absence of a child due to illness, which must be confirmed by a medical certificate. The recalculation of the paid funds takes place at the end of each academic semester. You do not need to write an application, the recount is done automatically on the basis of medical certificates, which parents send to the medical part of the School during the semester.
If the recount is found, we send a letter to parents about the amount of overpaid or underpaid funds.


Work schedule:

08:00  — 12:00; 14:30 — 18:45

The cafeteria works to provide the best support to the learning process for students and teachers. The cafeteria does not work two hours before lunch, so that students do not cut their appetite with short snacks.