Safety and Leaving the School

Access cards

Entrance to and exit from the School area can only be with access cards.

Staff, students, parents and parents' representatives (their trusted persons accompanying the child) have access cards to the School.

Access to your child's safe stay in the School is restricted to personal access cards. Do not pass on your card to anyone, do not use the cards of children and other parents in order not to risk the safety of your child and other students.

In case of loss / damage to the access card, you can receive a new one after it is reissued. To do this, you need to write a statement at the reception.

Access procedure

Preschoolers and pupils up to the 6th grade should be taken by parents or trusted persons. If parents have informed the School in writing that another person meets a child after classes, then such person must provide identification documents. Only then the child can be taken away.

We ask you to take the children on time after the lessons are over.

Please note: if you need to pick up your child before the end of school day, the child is responsible for leaving school on time. Please talk to them about this in advance. Students can leave the School only during a break, leaving during lessons is not allowed.

We ask all parents to inform teachers or assistants in writing, is it expected that the child will be taken away by parents / carers after classes, or whether the child will be able to get home on his/her own.

If during the school year there are changes in this procedure, parents must report this in writing.

Students are never allowed to leave the School during the school day without a written statement from parents. The School can not control the activities of students who leave it during the school day.

In order to make the School a safe place for your children, all parents and visitors should be registered when entering the territory.


Applications for entry, exit and absence

For the safety of your children in the School, you should inform us about the time of departure and the trusted persons in advance, personally submitting the application.

  • Application for TAKING HOME.
    Trusted persons and time of release. Updated by parent initiatives.
  • Application for the child's SELF-EXIT.
  • Application for URGENT TAKING of the child.
    Submitted to the teacher.
  • Application-explanation of the actual or planned absence of child in the School.

We remind you that the absence of a child for more than 10 days might be a reason for exclusion.

We are concerned about the safety of children, therefore, in the absence of these applications, School leaving is permitted only with parents at 18.00.

Applications are not accepted by the phone because of the impossibility of identifying a person.

Applications for cards

Access to School for strangers is prohibited in accordance with School safety rules. For a free entrance to the guest area, each parent and trusted person must obtain a personalized access card.

To receive a card, you need:

  • Fill out and sign up at the reception the application for access to the School's territory to parents and trusteed persons who will accompany children, as well as, if necessary, applications for the child's self-exit.
  • Provide photos of parents and trusted persons (good quality, 3X4, on a white background).
  • Provide a copy of the first passport page of each trusted person.

Access to school is allowed only on PERSONAL ACCESS CARDS. This rule adherence makes your child be safe at School.