School Infrastructure

  • Modern building designed by international architects.
  • Peaceful green area within our private landscaped grounds.
  • Nutritious, well-balanced and healthy meals.
  • High-tech equipment: interactive whiteboards in every classroom; individual tablets for each student.
  • Football stadium, basketball court, modern gym, indoor swimming pool, studios for dance, music, pottery and art.
  • Medical care unit with dental surgery. 

Basketball Court

Outdoor basketball court area of 450 m2  has an professional anti-traumatic surface for active sports and outside games – basketball, volleyball, badminton and others.

Music Studio 

There is a professional acoustic system, the latest professional musical equipment including a drum and synthesizer in the music studio. School music bands will be able to hold their rehearsals and be creative here.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is  25 meters long with 5 swimming lanes.  It is equipped for synchronised swimming. Modern design, warm floor and high quality system of chlorine-free cleansing make swimming classes enjoyable and safe.

Art Studio

Light and spacious art studio where architecture and varieties of art styles and techniques such as Petrikivsky, "sfumato" and "grisaille" are studied


Pottery workshop helps to develop coordination of young children and is enjoyed by all ages learning ceramics and sculpting techniques.

Assembly Hall

Multifunctional assembly hall is equipped with the latest technology and professional sound equipment. The School is also equipped with soffit and the latest equipment for holding various events, conferences and theatre productions.

Outdoor Sports Stadium

Outdoor Sports Stadium area of 1280 m2. There are five running lanes and a football pitch that has a modern professional surface.


Multifunctional spacious gym  with professional fitness equipment and wall climbing.

Professional Dance Studio

Spacious and comfortable dance studio with parquet flooring and mirrors where children learn a variety of dance styles from classical ballet to break dance and jazz-funk under the guidance of our professional choreographers.


Children’s health and development depend on quality food. We care about this and guarantee the following:

  • a professional chef who specializes in children’s nutrition, creating meals that are healthy and delicious;
  • a kitchen equipped with the latest technology;
  • the use of organic products;
  • individual dishes can be created for students with a special diet.


The uniform of our students is colourful. We believe that it is an important part of school life and has a number of advantages because:

  • it creates equality;
  • it creates school identity and bonds;
  • it saves time in the morning, the parents no longer need to solve the question of “what their child should wear to school".

We offer stylish and comfortable options of the uniform that everyone will enjoy. All clothing is made from natural and pleasant-to-touch fabrics. The school has an emblem which is on the clothing.