Primary School


Our teachers are dedicated to the development of each child’s talents and skills.

All of our team have completed special training and are committed to implementing the latest global techniques: 

  • Using concepts of Maria Montessori - considering that every child is unique and develops according to a personal plan.
  • Some elements of the Waldorf education method are used, assisting the individuals to discover their talents "in harmony with nature, man and the world".
  •  The Dalton plan which is based on three principles: freedom, independence and cooperation.

From the 1st grade children start learning English in small groups with native speakers.

They may also choose an additional modern language.

Every child participates in sport for at least 5 hours a week visiting classes they like: choosing from football, swimming, gymnastics, athletics, judo and more.

We believe that developing creative skills is equally as important. Does your child have a talent for drawing? Sings well? Sculpts with clay or enjoys acting? Each child will receive support to develop their talents with us.

All our classrooms are highly equipped with interactive whiteboards and electronic tablets used to study like textbooks and notebooks.

The school day is carefully and rationally planned. Academic subjects are interspersed with physical and creative activities. 

Children can enjoy delicious and healthy food prepared by our experienced chef.