Secondary and High School



What are the benefits?

Preparation for a future life:

  • the educational approach is aimed at students mastering ХХI century skills;
  • teamwork;
  • creative projects;
  • Implementation of the program Leader in Me (leadership program "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" Stephen Covey, adapted to adolescence and school environment);
  • excursions to the best Ukrainian universities and cooperation with them;
  • theoretical presentation of the material amplifies practical training;
  • use acquired knowledge in real life;
  • travel abroad for language practice and cultural exchange.


Activity-based learning

  • Theoretical studies are supplemented by consolidating knowledge in practice.
  • Students learn how to use their knowledge in real life.
  • Obtaining IT expertise, each student has a personal tablet.
  • Education happens not only in the classroom but also in the virtual space.
  • Foreign languages are ​​taught by Ukrainian teachers and native speakers.
  • English is compulsory, and in addition to this, each student chooses a second language - German, French, Spanish or Chinese.

Top experts

  • Subjects are exciting because each teacher is an expert who inspires students to work;
  • Novopecherska school's teachers are the winners of national and international contests of pedagogical skills;
  • Teachers willingly engage individually with students and advise and train students for taking part in subject Olympiads.

Harmonious development

  • The important part of Novopecherska school's philosophy is harmonious and healthy development;
  • ​Whatever you do in your free time, in Novopecherska school you can keep doing this;
  • Lessons help to develop personal and professional skills;
  • There are plenty of creative studios: painting, theatre studio, robotics, etc.;
  • There are lots of sports activities: football, volleyball, basketball, petanque, swimming, gymnastics, dance;
  • In all sports and creative activities, you will be accompanied by talented coaches who help not only in the development but also inspire success.

Secondary school
(Grades 5-7)

In these grades, the child moves on to a more independent and adult life. This is an important developmental period as the child grows up extremely fast and his / her outlook and body change. In addition, the environment is different: in elementary grades, most subjects were taught all year long by one teacher who had his/her own style, methods and techniques, and when passing to high school, children come under the influence of several educators, each of whom has different methods and character as well.

In secondary school, we introduced a project-based teaching methodology. It is based on the development of cognitive and creative abilities of children, the ability to work both independently, performing individual tasks, and in a team, being its significant part.

High School
(Grades 8-11)

In the high school of Novopecherska School, students acquire important skills for a successful future life in the modern world. High school students learn to interact effectively, develop critical thinking and reach creative potential.

The students take part in the vocational guidance program which includes testing, an internship in leading Ukrainian and international companies etc.

Specialisation options:

  • Mathematics;
  • Geography and Economics;
  • History, Ukrainian language and literature, Arts;
  • Chemistry and Biology.