Health care

Work schedule

Students can receive a doctor's and nurse's services at a school-based health center located on the ground floor.


School nurse schedule: 

Monday — Friday: 8:30 – 17:30


Pool nurse schedule: 

Monday — Friday: 9:30 – 18:30


Doctor's work schedule:

Monday: 8:30 – 12:30

Wednesday: 8:30 – 10:30

Friday: 8:30 – 10:30


The School's pool also has a nurse. When the nurse in the health center is absent (after 17:30), you should contact the nurse of the pool.


Medical examinations

In the beginning of the school year there is a planned medical examination of the students. According to the results of the check, students are divided into groups of different activity on sports lessons.

COVID-19. What we’re doing to create a safe environment

Security at the School

  • All participants of the educational process undergo daily temperature check: a personal card will work only when the temperature is normal (not higher than 37 degrees).
  • There are special disinfectant carpets for shoes at the main entrance, sanitizers are installed on the floors, as well as urns for recycling disposable masks.
  • Admission for Parents and Guests is restricted.
  • We avoid gatherings and events during the quarantine period.
  • We use masks outside the classroom: disposable or reusable. Preschool and Primary school students do not use masks.
  • School electives and FUN Workshop classes are also held with all safety measures.

Safety during lessons

  • We provide additional cleaning and airing in the classrooms.
  • Some lessons are held outside.
  • All common locations are marked to ensure social distance.
  • We remind children of the rules both orally and through special information posters.


  • The dining room has a sufficient number of seats, taking into account the distance.
  • The airing is provided between meals.
  • The dishes are processed in a high-temperature cabinet.