Our values


The Novopecherska School offers an educational experience to its students which seeks to maximize their learning potential as they journey to become independent learners who are critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are committed to exercising their talents to create the betterment of themselves, of society, both locally and globally. We do this by providing a caring, trusting and compassionate environment where students can develop their moral and ethical spirits and a sense of understanding others.

VISION 2021-2024

Novopecherska School is:

  • a child-centered school, where each student develops and learns to live with inspiration;
  • a modern space that unites like-minded people (students, parents, teachers) and inspires them to improve themselves and the world;
  • a place where successful students grow up - future leaders, architects of positive change with a big Ukrainian heart;
  • the territory of trust and opportunities for continuous development of students, parents, teachers;
  • effective teachers-innovators who have modern teaching methods and implement progressive ideas;
  • flagship and engine of educational innovations of Ukraine.


  • Trust: I trust all members of the Novopecherska family: students, parents, teachers, and the School team.
  • Development: I develop myself and help others to develop.
  • Respect: I respect everyone, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and wealth.
  • Responsibility: I am responsible for my own results, I am conscious of the values ​​of the School, rules, tasks, and responsibilities.
  • Teamwork: I am part of the success of the school community: I work, I inspire, I share, I help those in need.


We view the parents as active participants in the successful education of the children. We believe it is impossible without the active involvement and support from parents.

What do we expect from parents?

  • a desire to develop all interests expressed by your child
  • confidence in all who work with your child: school management, teachers, tutors, coaches
  • respect of the Ukrainian language, culture and traditions
  • a clear understanding that studies need home support
  • to be interested in school affairs