We speak of war in Ukraine!

Please read our statement and support us!

Novopecherska School is a place where successful students grow up — future leaders, architects of positive change with a big Ukrainian heart.

These lines of our Vision are more important today than ever. From the very beginning of the School's foundation, we consider love and respect for Ukraine to be one of our most important values.

We want the whole world to know about the war crime that is currently taking place in our country. The Russian Federation supported by the help of the Republic of Belarus has insidiously attacked Ukraine, using violence to turn it from its own path and return it to Russia’s sphere of influence.

There is no place in Ukraine where people would now feel safe: haunted by the sound of sirens, they are in constant motion between home and shelter. Cities closest to the Russian border are subject to massive bombing, at best their inhabitants cannot get out of basements and cellars, and at worst they die. The enemy is using the most brutal weapons.

We want the citizens of the world to know: your destiny is being decided in Ukraine now! We stand for truth and freedom, for free choice and self-determination. Please support us, because our victory will mean the victory of the values ​​and freedoms of the 21st century. 

Encourage your governments to help us, tell your opinion leaders what is really happening on the territory of Ukraine, support us financially and in all other possible ways. Let's defeat the threat to the whole world together!