Polina Komarova ,
Head of Novopecherska school
Valentyna Khomenko ,
Head of Junior and High School

Everyone has the wings to fly, just feel the desire to fly.

Olena Shevchenko ,
Head of primary school

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They help us to grow and to move further! “

Tetiana Tkachenko ,
head of distance school
Tetiana Tkachenko,
head of distance school
19 years of experience teaching computer science at school. She developed and taught author's courses for teachers "Educational ICT training", "Digital storytelling", "Using and creating educational video", "Teacher's interactive tools", "Effective educational content". She participated in the EdEra online education studio project "Take and Do Online Course for Teachers". She developed and held trainings for STEM centres in Donetsk and Luhansk regions as part of the UN Peacebuilding and Reconstruction Program. Participated in the project "Action. Digital Education" ("Digital Skills for Teachers" course). Co-author of the tutorial "3D modelling and 3D printing". Teacher's portfolio:

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. — Roy T. Bennett

Tetiana Sunak ,
Coordinator of Ukrainian-Canadian Program
Tetiana Sunak,
Coordinator of Ukrainian-Canadian Program
Ms. Tetiana is a teacher and administrator with long-term experience in the Ukrainian and public schools of Ontario, Canada. She worked in public schools as a teacher of mathematics, computer science and business from 1999 to 2007 years. Since 2007 Tetiana has been working as a vice-principal in Toronto District School Board schools, since 2005- principal of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian School, Toronto. Tetiana is serving as a president of the Ukrainian Canadian School Board since 2007, as an UCC National Ukrainian Education Council Chair since 2019. During 12 years of leading Ukrainian Canadian School Board in Toronto, she worked with the teachers and administrators of the city over the development of a unified system of evaluation for students of the courses of the Ukrainian studies, on developing and improving the programs of Ukrainian language learning as foreign languages. During the last few years Tetiana has coordinated the development and approbation of textbooks "Let’s Speak Ukrainian" for grade 1-11 students. Tetiana regularly organizes and facilitates professional teachers' workshops for Toronto teachers, was chairman of the organizing committee of two National Conferences in Canada.
Benjamin Evans ,
Head of Ukrainian-Canadian Program
Yuuliia Chechel ,
Coordinator of inclusive education, Practical elementary school psychologist, Psychologist in the class of inclusive education
Larysa Martynenko ,
Coordinator of the center of school events and educational projects, head of the creative department
Ihor Torgalo ,
Olena Rubanova ,
Head of the sports department
Victoria Kogutyuk ,
HR Manager
Natalia Kuybida ,
Head of the marketing and sales department
Providing of educational process
Liudmyla Hild ,
Academic Administrator

If you don't know what to do, make a step forward.

Ludmyla Dzhyma ,
Practical psychologist
Ludmyla Dzhyma,
Practical psychologist
Holds many educational qualiications including Certificate in psychological and pedagogical education from the Slavonic State Pedagogical University. Holds certificates and the right to conduct trainings around "Working with gifted children" and "Healthy Life. Health." He has experience as a teacher at primary level, having worked at the psychologist’s multidisciplinary school in the city, and as the city manager and director of psychological services Shakhtarsky city centre of psychology. Consultant of developmental psychology and family relations (child rearing). Ludmila says: "Be open yourself – and others will be open. Children's souls are formed, watching the behaviour of adults and they absorb what is considered close to them. In our mobile fastest time your child should be seasoned and confident, it is my calling to aid the formation of the soul child, the desire to keep the children's trust and be an example of a peaceful and balanced decision-maker". In his spare time Ludmyla likes to draw, and enjoys raising her granddaughter.

It is more important for myself to become better than I was yesterday than better than anyone.

Yevhenia Pluzhnyk ,
Coordinator of "Leader in Me" Program, Mentor of Class 9B
Yevhenia Pluzhnyk,
Coordinator of "Leader in Me" Program, Mentor of Class 9B
Yevhenia graduated from NUS them. MP Dragomanova with the specialty of "psychologist". Previously, she worked at the Center of active development of children "Dar" psychologist and teacher of painting. Yevhenia has advised parents and children, conducted classes on art therapy and training for older pre-schoolers.and conducted classes in preparation for school. She has also conducted classes on art therapy and individual counselling in a private children's centre "French centre". "My teaching approach is aimed at comprehensive development of children and especially the development of their imagination. I totally agree with Einstein that the imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, but imagination is boundless. Psychology is my passion. I am constantly learning, and like to find interesting psychological methods, practices and techniques of memorization and creativity. "
Olha Lohka ,

The greatest achievement of an educator is to ignite in a child the joy of creativity and knowledge.

Kateryna Dovhopola ,
Customer service manager
Kateryna Chereshniuk ,
Educational manager
Olena Dovhaliuk ,

Не потоком шумних і галасливих фраз, а тихою, невтомною працею любіть Україну Митрополит Андрей Шептицький

Оксана Воронькова ,
Менеджерка з комунікацій

It is important for me not to stop there and to continue developing IT skills.

Iurii Diedukh ,
Head of ICT department

Work with inspiration.

Dmytro Demianenko ,
System Administraror
Dmytro Demianenko,
System Administraror
Dmytro adjusts and repairs computers in the School. It is Dmytro to whom students and their parents apply, if they need to renew the access to the LMS, to repair tablets and their settings. Dmytro has completed higher IT education. Dmytro had been working for 4 years as a system administrator at the university. Dmytro's hobby is football.
Liudmyla Mamishova ,
Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Service
Nataliia Mazur ,
Євгенія Кузнєцова ,
Оксана Остаповська ,
Керівниця департаменту харчування
Iryna Dovhaliuk ,
Natalia Skliar ,
Karina Nikitenkova ,
Reception administrator
Oksana Shibakina ,
Reception administrator
Primary school
Mariia Yanchenko ,
Preschool teacher
Nataliia Osmak ,
Methodist of preschool education

Teaching and education should be done to light the flame of knowledge, thinking and good in every child's heart.

Myroslava Koba ,
Primary Teacher, Methodist (Distance School)
Myroslava Koba,
Primary Teacher, Methodist (Distance School)
A teacher of the highest category, Myroslava regularly takes part in various trainings and seminars on pedagogy, psychology and innovative methods. A Certified Intel “Education for the Future" advocate, Myrolslava’s teaching applies problem searching and research methods and interactive techniques: brainstorming; microphone, "by teaching - I study," game situations and techniques of control and self-control. Myroslava systematically uses multimedia equipment and a model of "one student - one computer" using Internet resources. She has experience of teaching the Peterson ("ROSTOK") program. The subject of the certification work (2022-2023): "Practical materials for the development of reading skills of 1st grade students":

If you want people to follow you, follow them.

Alona Diachuk ,
Primary Teacher
Alona Diachuk,
Primary Teacher
Alona has gained teacher's specialisation in Ternopyl National Pedagogical Unevrsity. Her teaching experience is 4 years. Alona tells about her approach to educating: "If you want children to understand you, understand them first. I help children to develop leadership, trust in their strengths and ability to overcome difficulties. When a child believs in success, the work brings joy". Alona is keen on on beading and reading.
Kateryna Nizkodubova ,
Primary Teacher
Anna Zaritska ,
Primary Teacher (Distance school)
Anna Zaritska,
Primary Teacher (Distance school)
Anna graduated from Kyiv University named after Borys Grinchenko, majoring in "Primary Education". Studied at the summer school for elementary school teachers "START UP #ВЧИТЕЛИВАЖЛИВИ". In 2018, she studied Additional Basic Qualification in Primary at Queen's University. It has been 5 wonderful years together with the Novopechersk family. He believes that the school should be a place of smiles and joy, where every student feels comfortable and safe. For this, it uses didactic games, educational quizzes and quests, and implements a differentiated approach. When preparing children for adulthood, prefers interactive learning methods. He is interested in age psychology and neuropsychology. Loves walks, travel, art. Always open to anything new.
Oleksandra Rozentreher ,
Primary Teacher

Effective teaching is important when a child wants to learn and loves it. Therefore, I aim to foster the interests of our students and build positive relationships and mind sets.

Oksana Khomych ,
Primary Teacher
Oksana Khomych,
Primary Teacher
A Senior Lecturer , Oksana endeavours to learn with the children, putting herself on par with them, trying to see the world through their eyes as it is important to establish close relationships with each child. "Today's children learn easily and quickly, especially if we actively communicate with them and present material clearly", says Oksana. To do this in every subject we use special methods and individual approaches. For example, she uses phraseology that develops associative thinking. She also uses a provocative method to teach children reasoning skills; use the Internet to teach, seek and use information; group projects to develop skills in teamwork; multimedia material that help students perceive material easily. Oksana’s children develop independence, giving them freedom of choice. According to her, every child can be creative; you need only determine the direction in which an individual wants to move. She admits that she finds her work most pleasant – it is a privilege to observe how children use their own knowledge and skills acquired through her work.
Maria Uyemova-Kosova ,
Primary Teacher
Iryna Kalenska ,
Primary school teacher
Mariia Tkachiv ,
Elementary school teacher (Distance school)
Olena Spivak ,
Olena Spivak,
The subject of the certification work (2022-2023 year of birth): "Working with a children's book in reading lessons 3rd - 4th grade."
Yulia Prokhorenko ,
Primary school teacher

Children have neither past nor future, but unlike us adults, they know how to use the present.  Jean de Labruyere. 

Kateryna Tkachenko ,
Preschool teacher
Kateryna Tkachenko,
Preschool teacher
I am a primary school teacher and my hobby is hand made.
Maria Fatych ,
Primary school teacher
Darya Vashchenko ,
Primary school teacher

There are no keys to happiness. The doors are always open.

Oleksandra Tymchenko ,
Primary school teacher
Oleksandra Tymchenko,
Primary school teacher
Oleksandra graduated as a teacher at the NPU named after M.P. Dragomanova and has teaching experience under the "Rostok" program (Peterson). About her approach to teaching and raising children, Ms. Oleksandra says: "In my work, I consider it necessary to teach students to think critically, because such practices create a situation of success for the development of a child's personality and creative abilities." Favorite hobby - painting, sports.
Anastasia Potikha ,
primary school teacher
Tatyana Yudina ,
primary school teacher
Alla Pylypaka ,
Primary school teacher (Distance school)
Darya Bazarya ,
Primary school teacher
Alyona Babyak ,
Primary school teacher
Vita Holovach ,
Primary school teacher
Olga Zakharets ,
Primary school teacher
Oleksandr Kochyna ,
Preschool teacher
Tatiana Nerukh ,
Primary school teacher
Olga Panina ,
Preschool teacher
Anna Pashun ,
Preschool teacher
Anastasia Tereshchenko ,
Primary school teacher
Kateryna Barma ,
Elementary school teacher (Distance school)
Anastasia Dorofeeva ,
Tutor / Teacher's assistant
Olha Skryshevska ,
Special education teacher
Alina Pylypets ,
Special education teacher
Denys Varshavskyi ,
Inclusive education class assistant
Angela Kurylo  ,
Practical Psycholgist
Alyona Fomenko ,
Teacher-speech therapist

"Small steps to big victories".

Olena Kosarikhina ,
Special education teacher
Diana Tkach ,
Practical psychologist

Every child is a sun, just let it shine.

Iurii Haiduchenko ,
Methodist (Distance school)
Iurii Haiduchenko,
Methodist (Distance school)
Yuri is a Master in "Ukrainian Language and Literature and English Language and Literature and also completed postgraduate studies in "Theory and History Education". He has five years of teaching Ukrainian language in universities and schools and already has some significant achievements; he was the winner of Ukrainian contest "Teacher-Innovator 2015» (Microsoft «Partners in Learning"); winner of «The best Scientific Report» X International scientific-practical conference. "I am convinced that the main condition for positive child development is freedom of choice, which helps to make new situations for development. For this I use new innovative educational tools that teachers use in the most advanced educational systems in the world. I think the task of providing children the opportunity to get into an environment where they are not pressured by adults when making personal choices. The basis of each lesson match a task. Students must develop skills in the XXI century: creativity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems, communication skills and collaboration skills, ability to work with information and life skills, flexibility,using initiative, social skills, leadership and responsibility".

I always see the positive in my students, respect them for it and let them be free to express themselves.

Maryna Vozna ,
Teacher of foreign literature, Ukrainian language and literature (Distance School)
Maryna Vozna,
Teacher of foreign literature, Ukrainian language and literature (Distance School)
Teacher of the highest category. Marina is in love with literature and communicates this love to students through her charisma, energy and positivity. Marina always treats students as equals. Students call her a delight, because she often exhibits an unusual approach and an unexpected interpretation. Marina draws attention to the particular nature of each student and allows everyone to identify himself or herself and demonstrate their knowledge just as he wants and knows how. It is important to view each child and to teach students to not only defend their views, but also be able to argue their point. Her lessons often include incendiary debate, which develops analytical thinking. Among past students are winners of Olympiads and scientific competitions.
Viktor Hrechuk ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature, deputy head of a high school
Anna Povar ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (High school)

By teaching I study.

Vasyl Kuchmai ,
History teacher (High school)
Vasyl Kuchmai,
History teacher (High school)
Vasyli graduated from the magistracy history at the National Pedagogical University. MP Dragomanova. He taught history at the Kiev-Pechersk lyceum №171 «Leader" and was chairman of the Youth Union of Ukraine Darnytskyi district. Kyiv. Vasyli raises interest and promotes creative thinking through the use of student tasks and interactive gaming technologies. In his spare time he enjoys playing football and tennis.
Lesia Yurchyshyn ,
History teacher (High school)
Yuliia Nabok-Babenko ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (High school)
Victoria Koroteeva ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (High school, Distance school)
Oksana Lepyoshkina ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (High school)
Yehor Zhurkin ,
History teacher (High school)
Sofia Fejora ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature
Olesya Vovkotrub ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (Distance School)
Valentina Biletska ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (Distance School)
Anastasiia Lytvyn ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (High school)
Anna Irklienko ,
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature
Foreign languages
Galyna Evans ,
English Teacher (Elementary School)
Victoriia Melnychenko ,
English Teacher (Elementary School)

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."

Olena Poteriaiko ,
English teacher (High school)

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

Ben Partee ,
English Teacher, Native Speaker
Ben Partee,
English Teacher, Native Speaker
Ben has graduated Miami University, Teach-Now Educatore School of Education. He has worked in P'titCREF - Kyiv, International Language School - Moscow, American University of Iraq - Sulaimaniyah and in Miami University - Oxford. Ben`s approach to learning is student-centered, project-based and mastery learning "I promote intrinsic motivation for learning and fostering creativity by establishing a good relationship with the students. I hope to create an environment where they feel supported to learn, explore, discover, and create. Every teacher is still a student themselves, no teacher is finished learning, they're just at a different level serving as guides to those they are able to help. I'm always seeking new information and ways to improve my own set of knowledge and skills."
Malanka Nazarowicz ,
Native and certified English teacher

The beauty of the language is in harmony. If you help a persone to see it, he or she will fall in love with the language.

Yana Safronova ,
German language teacher (High school)
Yana Safronova,
German language teacher (High school)
Yana graduated Zaporizhzhya National University by speciality "Philologist and Linguist" , and she gained a Master's degree in Philology in Classical Private University. She worked as a teacher of German in high school Dniprorudnenskiy "Sofia". "Never try to teach children only a language. Nurture in them the abilities to hear and to be heard, to articulate their views, to be careful and resourceful. Give students a tool to further their self-development. The language is an amazing human masterpiece. It combines the logic of grammar and the sophisticated ingenuity of poetry. My task is to help each student find the language exactly that tghing, which will maximise their talents "- says Yana.
Milad Zikran ,
Spanish Teacher (High school)

The first sign of a good teacher is curious and interested students.

Anton Vechirka ,
French language teacher (High School)
Anton Vechirka,
French language teacher (High School)
Anton graduated from Makarenka Sumy State Pedagogical University. Participated in the training for teachers of French at the University Paul Verlaine (Metz, France). He also prepared students for international exams DELF, TCF. In addition to French, Anton also speaks English and Spanish. Anton has taught French for three years, as well as practical phonetics of the French language and French as a second foreign language at Sumy State Pedagogical University. "In my opinion, the main thing is interest and if students are interested, eventually they develop a desire to educate themselves, and do more than what is required by the teacher. I try to create interest by using materials that are close to the interests of students that encourage their curiosity and offer to solve unusual problems".
Anton Mishura ,
Chinese language teacher (High School)
Larisa Rasputnia ,
English Teacher (Elementary School)
Oksana Gladina ,
English teacher (Distance school)
Stefania Kostiuk ,
English Teacher, Native Speaker

Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.

Oksana Movchan ,
English teacher (primary school)
Nadia Nikitenko ,
English teacher (High school)
Lyudmila Zharikova ,
English teacher (High school)
Kateryna Golub ,
English teacher (High school)
Ross Phillips ,
Native and certified English teacher (High school)
David Morin ,
Native and certified English teacher (High school)
Natural Sciences

Who owns the information, owns the world.

Mychailo Honcharenko ,
Biology teacher (High school)
Mychailo Honcharenko,
Biology teacher (High school)
Mychailo has 5 years teaching experience. He graduated form Drahomanova National Pedagogical University, master with a specialty of "Biology". He is a teacher of biology, chemistry, and an environmentalist. Mychailo interests the students in problematic issues and design classes, creates a comfortable environment for learning, and his methods help orchestrate a sense of humour while learning. Mychailo's approach to teaching is stimulating the development of thinking, attention, and the ability to analyse and set personal targets for education. He appreciates the uniqueness of each student.
Svitlana Babii ,
Biology teacher (High school)
Olha Krapyvianska ,
Geography teacher (High school)
Ivan Zabolotskykh ,
Chemistry Teacher
Petro Brytans`kyy ,
Teacher of geography and natural sciences (High school)
Julia Tarnarutska ,
Teacher of biology and chemistry (Дистанційна школа)

Math may be beautiful if you look at it with love.

Serhii Siukalo ,
Mathematics teacher (High school)

I seek to develop children and to teach them how to think.

Tetiana Liaskivska ,
Mathematics teacher (High school)
Ivanna Biliai ,
Mathematics teacher

I help students develop a natural interest in knowing the world, handing them their love for physics.

Andrii Berezovskyi ,
Physics teacher (High school)
Andrii Berezovskyi,
Physics teacher (High school)
Physics teacher of the highest category, the teacher-methodologist, Honoured Teacher of Ukraine, holder of the Order "For Merit" III degree. Over the past three years at the Ukrainian Olympiad for physics, Andrew’s students took 142 prizes for the second stage, 87 at the third stage, 9 in the fourth stage, two of his students were winners of international Olympiads in physics and one won first prize at the International Competition of scientific works - Physics. Andrew is a permanent member of the jury of all phases of competition and team leader of the students in Kyiv at the fourth stage of Ukrainian Olympiad in physics. Resident Coordinator of Physical Ukrainian competition "The Lion". Twice was the winner of all stages of the contest "Teacher of the Year." Winner of the VIII All-Ukrainian competition "Innovative Teachers" organized by Microsoft. In his lessons he uses heuristics, problems, and multimedia and computer technology for processing experimental data. In love with physics, he is constantly exploring something new and this passion lights interest in all of his students. He likes to show students spectacular scientific experiments and various tricks, especially if they are associated with household items, because stoking the interest of each student is key, and he believes that all students are different and individual.

Knowledge of physical laws provides insight that our knowledge is not static, it evolves.

Valentyna Albul ,
Physics teacher (Distance school)
Valentyna Albul,
Physics teacher (Distance school)
Valentina graduated from Donetsk National University, as a "physicist, teacher." Valentine took the II place in the regional competition "The best employee of the year" in the nomination "The best teacher of natural and mathematical sciences," publication has published "Basics" and Internet publications. Students of Valentina have become permanent winners of II and III stages of the competition on physics and astronomy. "I believe that everyone has creative personalities from birth. The moment I learned to attract students to conduct further analysis and physical experimentation, and explain their results; I add game elements, support the desire of students to design physical devices in the home."
Yevhenii Yakobchuk ,
Computer Science and Physics Teacher (High School)

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving".

Andrii Bovan ,
Mathematics teacher (Distance school)
Andrii Bovan,
Mathematics teacher (Distance school)
This very quotation by Einstein demonstrates my approach to life the best as I never stop. I always develop professionally and I always learn new methods, instruments and approaches. In 2020 I received the title of "The Person of the Year" in the city of Pereyasliv in the nomination "The Education of the Year". Multiple laureat of the All-Ukrainian Internet competition "The Teacher of the Year" according to the version of the scientific and popular natural science magazine "Kolosok". I am actively into sports. 
Ivan Vereshchaka ,
Mathematics teacher (Distance school)
Yulia Cherednichenko ,
Mathematics teacher (Distance school)
Evgeny Tolbatov ,
Teacher of Mathematics
Oleksandr Merzlykin ,
Teacher of Mathematics
Department of sports

Anyone should be able to think logically, freely explore the world and learn effective methods to independently search for information. This is one of the duties of the teacher.

Andrii Kolba ,
Chess Teacher
Andrii Kolba,
Chess Teacher
Coach of the highest category. He received the profession of teacher of general technical subjects and physics at the Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute, and a teacher of physical education and valeology in Ternopil National University. Successful pupils gained Andrew prizes at the championships in Ukraine, Europe and the World. Among them - his daughter Anastasia – was winner of World Cup 2007 chess compositions. Three-time champion and a multiple winner of Ukraine Ukraine. Andrew engages his students in his author's method. Andrew inspires children to love chess and inspires confidence in their own mental strength.
Oleksandr Kalinkin ,
Sports teacher and head of the tourism club
Oleksandr Kalinkin,
Sports teacher and head of the tourism club
Oleksandr is the Master of Sports of Ukraine, the coach of the highest category. He has the Excellence in Education of Ukraine. He has more than 20 years experience of coaching. He has trained many champions of Ukraine and of international competitions, participants of World and European championships, 15 Masters of sports of Ukraine. In 2014, two of his students became champions of Europe among juniors.
Serhii Bobylov ,
Sports teacher
Liubov Melnyk ,
Sports teacher
Davyd Tadevosyan ,
Sports teacher
Anna Domnich ,
Head of the FUN studio
Andrii Opryshko ,
Art teacher (pottery)
Vitaly Zahoruyko ,
Sports and art teacher (choreography)
Тетяна Летуча ,
Head of the rhythmic gymnastics group

To achieve a goal, you must first go to it.

Olga Moroz ,
Manager of administrative activities (Sports)
Olga Tur ,
Head of the modern dance group
Department of creativity

Happiness is not to always do what you want, but to always want what you do.

Yuliia Herashchenko ,
Visual Arts Teacher
Anastasiia Semeniuk ,
Music Teacher (Guitar)
Olga Solodovnikova ,
Art teacher (choreography and music)

The best way to make children good is to make them happy. O. Wilde

Olena Lugovska ,
Art teacher
Olena Lugovska,
Art teacher
I have an art education - KNUTD. My profession and hobby are one. I have also been involved in sports since childhood - swimming, I consider it the best sport.
Andrii Opryshko ,
Art teacher (pottery)
Lesya Dmytrakova ,
Art teacher (pottery)
Anna Cherkas ,
Head of the photography group

An artist differs from a non-artist only in courage.

Dmytro Vavrovsky ,
Head of the painting group
Alyona Snitko ,
Head of the pottery club
Dmytro Cherny ,
Art teacher (percussion instruments)
Work training

Do with me, do as I do, do better than me - this is not only a lesson for the children in my classes, but also a teaching goal for me.

Oleksandr Parkhomenko ,
Technology Teacher
Oleksandr Parkhomenko,
Technology Teacher
Researcher at the Institute of Problems of Education NAPS of Ukraine, Honoured Teacher of Ukraine, winner of the First Prize educators of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Oleksandr has 24 years teaching experience, during which he was a teacher of labour training, technical types of work, drawings, and technical groups. "My methods are as varied as the characters of the students. I try to keep abreast of the latest developments and to use all known methods for working with students". Oleksandr enjoys all the interesting, innovative, original and transfers his interest to his students.

The teacher has to teach a child to be the first person to help develop important skills that lay the foundation for further happy life..

Tetiana Pasichna ,
Teacher of Vocational Education
Tetiana Pasichna,
Teacher of Vocational Education
Labor training classes help girls become beautiful ladies, helping to protect health and natural beauty, to create a positive image, to be modern and be prepared for independent life. According to Tatiana, the unusual presentation of the material teaches students to work independently and actively, stimulates the cognitive interest of students, as well as providing information and emotional richness in lessons. That is why she uses interactive methods, gaming and ICT during her lessons.
Viktoriia Bartiuk ,
Teacher of Vocational Education